Friday, August 21, 2009

The 'Aftermath' of an Accident's been exactly a month since I last updated this blog! Sorry, yah!

Haiz...have been too engrossed with Facebook lately....met lots of very very old friends lah! So much time had been spent chatting with them, 'kaypo-ing' scanning through their profiles, viewing their photos (eager to see how their children look like, who they married with....who knows she could be my ex-gxxxxx), giving endless comments, etc etc......if you are actively fiddling with FB, then you will know exactly what I mean here!

Well, let's get down to business......

Last Saturday, my wife's car got 'kissed' by a motorcycle. Apparently, this happened while she was about to bring her car to a halt at a traffic light junction (just opposite Lorenzo in Semabok).

The motorcycle bearing the registration number MAS 227 suddenly hit my wife's car. (just in case if you happen to know this number or if you are a police officer reading this blog now, pls alert me at 016-635 2233). As a result, the rider was thrown to the opposite side of the road and most importantly, my car, MY CARRR's rear headlight smashed and the bumper dented.

Miraculously, he stood up, walked to my wife's car and conveniently questioned :

"Apa pasal lu langgar saya?".

YES! He is a Malay, guy, 40-something, working in Klinik Kesihatan in Bukit Baru, named Idris (if you happen to know him, pls call me....RM1.xxxx if the identity is correct).

Fortunately, my wife remained composed, stood up for herself and claimed compensation. As expected, he brushed her off nonchalantly by saying "Saya takde duit". What the %$#@! Well, to cut things short, she managed to jot down his vehicle number, name and handphone number.

The very next day, I called that Idris guy and after several attempts, he picked up my call and subsequently I was asked to meet him and let his mechanic friend estimate the damage. So, the meeting was at a bengkel (car workshop) in a Malay kampung at 2pm. Of course, I asked my cousin, Ronny to accompany me there.

The repair cost was estimated at approximately RM600. "Habis, apa macam sekarang, wahai Cik Idris?" I asked. Again, he conveniently said that he had no cash.

"Walau eh, cik abang, lu langgar gua, takkan gua kena tanggung semua!" I exclaimed.

All he managed to do was just shrugged and kept quiet. His mechanic friend (who was also a Malay) then broke the silence and rapped out "gua cakap sama lu En. Tan, kira lu punya nasib tak baik lah langgar orang Melayu". %$#$%@. Instantly, I understood his message. Completely pissed off, I suggested that we lodge a police report in which I would be able to claim his insurance but unfortunately he had to be summoned RM300. Only then, he spoke out requesting me to reduce the amount and asking whether he could pay me by installment. As I did not wish to have any dealings whatsoever with this guy anymore, I willingly gave in and suggested that if were to pay me RM300 by that day, then I would consider the matter settled. I thought it's a fairly good deal! His friend also nodded in agreement.

"Ok lah En. Tan, you bagi saya sedikit masa. I pergi cari wang. Pukul 4 nanti, you call I" he promised.

At, 4.30pm, I called him and this is what he answered "Kawan saya sudah janji nak pinjam saya tapi sekarang dia ada di hospital. You call I pukul 6pm nanti!"

At 6.30pm, I called him and he answered "Alah, kawan I tak nak pinjam I lagi, anak dia dah masuk hospital. En. Tan, boleh I bayar you 25 haribulan ini tak. I dapat gaji nanti, I bayar lah! Takkan you tak boleh percaya I!" Immediately, I declined and gave him an ultimatum. He was to pay me the following day (Monday) or I shall proceed with the police report.

At 4.00pm on Monday, I called him again......"Toot-toot, toot-toot, toot-toot.....nombor yang anda dail tidak......." @#@#$$%##$%%$#


  1. those were coolpictures...and shoe that you love cars
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  2. you should have just proceeded with the police report. sometimes, it isn't worth being too nice to them (how dare of him to question your wife when he was the one who knocked her car?!?!). somehow, the outcome of the whole situation is rather predictable (anyway, cik tan, raya dah dekat. kalau ada duit pun, nak simpan untuk raya la). i've been through a similar situation several years back. sigh:(