Monday, July 13, 2009

The Woman

Dear friends,

We have heard so much about women be it in the manner of jokes, comments or even criticism. Every now and then we receive mails making fun of how emotional, moody, self-centered or even ridiculous a woman can be that drives many men crazy (or some even into total misery).

There is no denying that many married men (of course not all of them....or rather 'us') out there very often lament our (sorry not 'our' but 'their' - yes, that's more like it) regrets of marrying 'that' woman. Many moan that they have made the biggest mistake in their life and some even claimed that they had been cheated and fixed into the marriage.

Well, probably after viewing this beautiful slides, you may change your perspective altogether (as they've done on me) on how women (including your mummy too) should be treated, cherished and respected.

So, sit back, enjoy and ponder!

But before that, please play the video clip below to get into the mood!


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  2. You should remind your workmates. "he" shouldn't blame female when there's some mistakes in this society. Don't he realize the burdens a woman carries in her life?'""

  3. who r u referring to ? i'm blurr!