Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Kuih Batik (Part 2)

Well, the kuih batik I made last weekend was to me a great accomplishment......a truly satisfying effort and indeed a time well spent. I've made it a few times but this time round the kuih turned out to be just the way I had wanted it - a little chocolaty and not too buttery.

So, for those who wish to try it out, let me share with you the recipe:

First, these are the ingredients to prepare :

40 pcs of Marie Biscuit

1/3 bar of butter

1/3 can of condensed milk


5 tablespoons of Milo

As for the method:

1) First, break the biscuit into pieces
2) Then, melt the butter
3) Next, pour in the condensed milk
4) Stir well until mixture even
5) After that, toss the milo in and stir
6) Then, pour in the biscuits and mix well
7) Next, pour out the mixture into a baking tray
8) Then, arrange the buscuit chunks into 2-3 layers
9) Thereafter, lightly press the layers so that everything is compact and even
10)Finally, refrigerate for 10 minutes before cutting it into pieces.

The final outcome is like this....

So, Happy trying!

p/s : For those of you who have successfully made this local delicacy or if you may have other better variations, please feel free to share, okay!

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