Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Kuih Batik (Part 1)

"Khang Guan, can you get the recipe for me, please?" I begged.

"No problem, sir" he willingly agreed (in my heart, you better agree otherwise.......more essays for you this weekend, he he!)

Well, it all started two weeks ago on a Saturday when I was in St. David's High School for their Food Fair. Surprisingly, my wife and I finally found 2 things that we both loved so much - pineapple tarts and kuih batik. We have sampled so many and we unanimously agreed that we have finally found the best one right here, in St. David.

The first thing on Monday afternoon when Khang Guan (my Form 3 student) came for tuition, I got hold of him to help me hunt for the kuih batik recipe (as the kuih came from his stall). On Friday, the secret (of the kuih batik) revealed, thanks to KG for his meritorious effort?....deed?....whatever you want to call it. KG, in return, may you be blessed and obtain straight As in your PMR exam this year!

So, on Sunday, I kuai-kuai stayed at home, kuai-kuai followed the recipe and made my kuih batik. The results?...................Well, let's take a short commercial break and I shall return in my next post, so stay tune!

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