Monday, June 29, 2009

My XXXXXX Birthday!

I had better post something more joyful otherwise this blog will turn out to an 'obituary' blog (as my previous postings were all about deaths/funerals). Initially, I wanted to blog about Micheal Jackson's demise but on a second thought, I had better not. I had enough of it!

Well, yesterday was my grandnephew's 3rd birthday. YES, GRANDNEPHEW! Obviously, it has NEVER occurred to me in my wildest imagination to see myself becoming a granduncle merely in my mid-thirties. I still remember when little Clifford first came to me and called me 'gu ye' (means granduncle in Chinese), I was like.....WHAT, oh my God! I really had goose bumps! Anyway, I will be expecting my second grandnephew in a few weeks time.

Just imagine, my seven-year old son, Bryan became a 'gu-gu' (uncle) when he was barely five! And to top it all, my wife is expecting our second child (most likely a girl) somewhere in October this year. So, this implies that my soon-to-be baby is already an aunt (ah yi) now!

Well, back to the birthday celebration. All family members gathered at Mc Donald's in Dataran Pahlawan. It was just another get-together : the children with their antics were seen playing and running around, the teenagers were in their own world engrossed with their handphones, the aunties clicked together immersing themselves in their updates, gossips and occasional reprimands (most of which were to show authority), the in-laws (where I belong to) sat together engaging in their man talk and of course my father-in-law being the head of the family and a lone ranger singled himself out at one corner watching everybody, 'expressionlessly'. Only God knows what was in his mind!

Clifford with his uncle & aunties

Clifford with his great-grandfather & great-grandmother

Clifford with his mother

To sum it all, it was indeed a get-together well-spent that will be remembered fondly!

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