Friday, June 26, 2009

Another 'Goodbye'

It has been more that a week since I last updated my blog. Well, it certainly has not been a good, smooth-sailing weekend for me last week. It all started last Friday....

19 June, Friday
I was busy surfing the net early in the morning (about 8.00am) when my cousin, Ronny called me on my mobile. "Marcus, I think Jie Jie Eng passed away" was his opening sentence. "What do you mean - YOU THINK?" I asked. "I was informed that she collapsed and when family members found her she wasn't breathing anymore. Anyway, they have taken her to the hospital to confirm. I have yet to get their reply" he responded.

I waited hoping that the news was untrue but unfortunately, it was confirmed that I had lost a cousin, Jie Jie Eng (as she was affectionately called and in our Baba-Nyonya language, it means Sister Eng). Jie Jie Eng was Ronny's eldest sister and her passing (in KL) was a great shock to all of us. First, she wasn't suffering from any major illness. Secondly, she was inarguably known for her even-tempered, gentle, soft-spoken and likable personality and little did we expect that God would want to take such good soul. Thirdly, we just congratulated her for embracing her first newborn grandson barely four months back. And lastly, she was merely 47 with two still-schooling teenagers. Indeed, she's just too young to leave us. If you may be wondering, YES, she passed away due to heart failure. It was truly a very sudden death. Absolutely, no signal given whatsoever!

On that day itself, preparations were made to send her body back to Malacca. I only managed to view her body (through a small see-through glass window on the coffin) at about 8.30pm. I inched closer to the glass opening and.........Oh, my God........

May your soul rest in peace, cousy!  You will be greatly missed!

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