Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank you, Uncle Lim!

"Tomorrow, you better get ready first.....then only wake your son up" my wife commanded.

As a devoted hubby, I submissively woke up early, at exactly 5.00am (I know it's a little too early!), did my morning routine and by 6.00am, I was on my son's bed, all dressed up.

"Boy, wake up, we are going to Genting. We need to reach Ah Kong's house by 7am" I whispered lovingly in his ear. "Boy, wake up, boy wake up" This was where my mood began to swing. His whining, his dawdling had all made my blood went 'glug'....'glug'....'glug' - boiling.

Fast forward, we reached my in-law's house at 7.30am (half an hour late). It took another half an hour just to get everybody into the car before setting off for Taman Asean, where we had planned to have our breakfast there.

Well, it was only at 8.45am (My God! Just imagine after nearly 4 hours from the time I woke up) that we managed to start our journey proper heading for the late Uncle Lim's 'kingdom'.

Frankly, I was in a rather pensive mood throughout the whole journey as that day was my ex-housemate, Ye Yoo's funeral. Her image, her laughter, her eccentricities were all lingering and dancing in my still-shocked mind. At about 11am, we stopped at Ampang to savour the well-known 'Ampang yong tau foo'. It was then that Li Kee (my another ex-housemate) called me (well, after almost 4 years of disappearance) and she confirmed that Ye Yoo had died of breast cancer. Pity her! Her mom died (also of breast cancer) when she was still schooling. Two years ago, her sister (who was a few years older than her) also passed away, and also due to the same illness. Pity her father too! What a loss!

Anyhow, we reached the peak of Genting Highlands at about 1.00pm........... And below is the summary of my short stay there, also some pictures I snapped.

Day 1 (at Genting)
1.30pm - Checked in Highland Hotel and took a nap
2.30pm - Brought Bryan and Celina (his cousin sister) for a swim (until 5.00pm)
6.00pm - Took a stroll outside the hotel to enjoy the fresh evening air (but to our dismay, the air
was not as crisp as before)
7.00pm - Had our dinner at the First World Theme Park. (Left with no choice, I reluctantly had to settle for the RM11-per-plate fried rice)
9.30pm - Watched DREAMZ, a 1.5-hour magic show at The Pavillion. Frankly, the show was rather boring because everything was so predictable. And the entrance ticket was about RM87 per person. But luckily, we got them for free.
11.00pm - zzzzzz

Bryan & Celina at the swimming pool

My family & mom-in-law

Day 2
10.00am - Had buffet breakfast at The Terrace Garden. Food was so-so only.
11.30am - 'Donated' some money to Indoor Theme Park. Bryan, Celina & myself had fun playing the games there.
2.00pm - Checked out from the hotel
2.30pm - Had lunch at Goh Tong Jaya. Dined at a Chinese restaurant. Surprisingly, all the dishes had our thumbs up!
5.30pm - Reached Malacca, safe and sound!

Everyone was so impressed with this stair lift!

3 rounds for RM8 per person! Cut-throat!

Generally, I wouldn't say the trip was a fun-filled one but it was just enough to unwind myself (and my wife too) and satisfy my longing (of going to Genting) plus, do my bit as a son-in-law (especially by taking my not-so-mobile, aging mother-in-law out to sip a little bit of fresh air) and as a doting father (by bringing sunshine to my son following his satisfying mid-term results).

All in all, thank you for everything, Genting, and Uncle Lim in particular!

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