Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can't Sleep! Why?

I am a little groggy now! Woke up at 4.00am and had been tossing and turning on the bed for about half an hour. Insomnia?.......Well I don't think so! Maybe it's over-excitement!

Yahoo! I finally got my fair share of holiday. Will be on leave for 4 days.

However, this week had been quite a hectic week for me especially the past 3 days - taught for 6 hours continuously on Wednesday; 7 hours non-stop on Thursday. Yesterday (Friday), I brought a few of my students to Yok Bin Badminton Hall, sweated out for 2 hours and thereafter continued teaching for another 4 hours. By 7pm,..........bang.........dead beat!

Well, come back to my holiday plans, I will be bringing my family to A Farmosa Water World today to join my brother, Eddie there. The intention was to let Bryan meet up and play with his cousin sister, Wen Ni. On Monday, bringing my family, together with my parents-in-law (lucky you, for having such a filial son-in-law!) and sister-in-law up to Genting Highlands, a place which I have been yearning to go for the past 3 years.

Indeed, it's been almost 6 months before I last went for my holiday. Apparently, I could feel my already drained-out mind and worn-out muscles desperately screaming and begging to be recharged!

Genting, I am coming! And now I know YOU are the reason for my excitement and grogginess!

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